About RP Productions

Launched in Summer 2020, RP Productions is run exclusively by video & audio producer Ricky Patel, after spending over 5 years as Corporate Video Manager at a production firm. Having managed and worked on thousands of videos, from concept creation to filming and post-production, Ricky has truly honed his craft and offers a modern, exciting video production service that comes with a flair of originality.

Ricky also has a degree in Creative Music Production, has previously worked as a sound engineer and session musician, and has what many have described as a natural talent for composing and producing original music. This understanding and passion for music fully complements the creation of dynamic, engaging videos, and can also be implemented into separate audio projects. Focusing more on the film, TV and business sides of the industry, Ricky provides a range of specialist audio services, from custom soundtrack creation to podcast production.

Choosing RP Productions to work on your project means you'll have Ricky working and guiding you on every step of the process, providing that personal touch that is often unavailable at bigger firms.

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"Nothing is more fulfilling than signing off a project and hearing your positive feedback! My stance isn't about boasting expensive equipment and facilities, because if you choose to work with me, all that matters is that you receive something special come the end of it, without paying through the roof."